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Spring Camping- 5 reasons why it's a great season to go camping!

Everyone needs a break after the relentless winter, and a Spring road trip is just the ticket! It will allow you to feel the rush of an adventure once more and Spring is filled with so many opportunities to get away, from Easter camping to May half-term, make the most of the improving weather and plan a holiday in a camper van! Flowers start to bloom in Spring and between April and May many campsites are carpeted with pretty Bluebell flowers making it a beautiful time to explore the countryside just as the sunshine begins to pour through the clouds…

Here are some of the many wonderful things about Spring camping that will tempt you to try it…

Less crowded and can be more affordable

Most people wait for the summer, so when you do go out and start camping in the spring, especially early spring, there will be less crowds. This is a great time to check out very popular locations without having to deal with all that traffic getting there! Due to less crowds/demand, you can often find better deals for campsites too making your trip more affordable.

Spring Weather

The weather during the summer months is lovely and some would assume the best time to go camping….not necessarily! Weather throughout Spring can also make for a great campervanning holiday. Cooler breezes means fresher air and even the odd April shower can be welcome. Spring days will generally be warm with cool and relaxing evening temperatures and if you are going to be doing any walking or hiking it's also nice not having to worry about burning in 90 degree sunshine! Waking up to a cool brisk morning, enjoying the warm, sunny days, and then getting cosy by a fire in the clear nights sounds totally idyllic and a great time of year to be outside on a campervan adventure. Preparation is key, make sure you pack your wellies and rain jackets for any ‘April showers’ then you are able to dance in the rain and watch the rainbow appear.

Less Insects

Insects are lovely little beings that we adore however on those balmy summer evenings the sheer quantity of them can be a bit overwhelming meaning you have to slather on pound after pound of repellent which can be tiresome! Spring is noticeably quieter on the insect front so no need for that bug spray and you can chill round the campfire in peace.


Nature comes alive through Spring! In the countryside you’ll see lots of young lambs and it’s the best time to see the birdlife too with adult birds out and about trying to find food for their babies.

Time to return later in the year

When it's time to come home wouldn't it be nice knowing that you can return later that same year and the weather will still be nice! This is another great thing about Spring camping- you can test run a new campsite and see if family & friends enjoy it and there's time to return later on in the year and do it all again!

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